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Shipping Coordinator

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Orlando, Fl Posted April 12, 2022


JOB DETAILS We are looking for an experienced Shipping coordinator to manage daily shipping and distribution activities. You will be the one to ensure complete orders are shipped and delivered in a timely manner. A successful shipping coordinator is analytical, well-organized and excels in communication. They must be comfortable with paperwork and information systems and have great knowledge of shipping and receiving procedures. The goal is to ensure that the shipping processes are running smoothly and effectively.

Responsibilities:- Plan and implement overall shipping strategy Oversee the whole shipping process Set shipping KPIs Keeping shipping operations within budget without compromising speed or efficiency. Build and maintain professional relationships with relevant internal and external stakeholders (such as warehouse workers, vendors, purchasing managers, suppliers etc.) Processing shipment documentation and inspecting completed orders. Acting as a liaison between management, carriers, and shipping customers. Evaluating carrier performance and resolving issues with orders and logistics. Negotiating the price of shipment transportation with carriers. Identify shipping issues and implement solutions in a timely manner Create and present reports for upper management BOL knowledge Truckload Shipments Prepare orders for shipping including the Inspection, Packing, Labeling POD Building Forklift

Skills:- Good experience as a Shipping coordinator or similar role Knowledge of logistics operations and shipping procedures and documents Hands on experience with shipping and distribution Hands on experience in cost management and reporting Good leadership skills Critical thinker and problem-solving skills Team player Good time-management skills Great interpersonal and communication skills

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