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Sales Manager

Posted 1/19/2021

Position Requirements Let's be honest. When going down this list, if you can't whole-heartedly say "That's me!" to all of these, we recommend you look at other positions within the company first.

  • Bachelor’s degree and 5+ years experience in event sales

  • Previous experience in selling virtual/hybrid events

  • Previous experience in selling large-scale events ($1,000,000+ total budget)

  • Previous experience managing a sales team for an event company with $5M or higher in annual revenue

  • Passion, excitement, energy, humor, and the ability to convey this through video call, phone and email communications

  • Ability to educate the leads on potential solutions to their problems and being a subject matter expert

  • Great organizational skills to follow-up with previous clients & manage details of events

  • Ability to work independently and remotely with little supervision

  • Fast and reliable internet connection & computer

  • Bias towards immediate action and results

  • Willingness and desire to be part of the foundation of a growing company

  • Strong fit with the Endless culture and unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction

Brownie Points Previous experience in web design and app integrations

  • Project management software experience (Asana, Teamwork, Airtable, Basecamp etc)

  • CRM (specifically Hubspot) experience

  • Inbound Certified

  • Inbound Sales Certified

  • Inbound Sales Software Certified

  • Experience in events specifically technical event production, audiovisual services, & event technology such as event apps & registration software

Benefits Working At Endless Working for a rapidly growing, culture-based company allows each employee the freedom to work and provide creative input to help move Endless to the top event production company in the nation. That alone has been an enticing offer for our staff, allowing each of our members to expand and strengthen their skills and network. Here are just a few more reasons to work at Endless:

Full health, dental and vision insurance from United Healthcare & Beam

  • Retirement contribution programs

  • Work anywhere in the world that you wish

  • Super flexible working hours (autonomous work with daily check-ins)

  • Unlimited vacation and sick leave

  • Slack is our central communication tool

  • With a national presence, we offer many travel opportunities to work at our events alongside our talented event staff

  • Opportunities to create thought leadership content such as blogs, videos or podcasts to become an event industry influencer

  • Opportunities to attend conferences and workshops for personal and professional growth through the company

  • Culture is a large part of our business, promising each employee a fun and inviting atmosphere

  • Culture contribution along with performance and pay are continuously evaluated, giving everyone control and fast advancement with the company

Learn more about our client, Phoenix Comicon Phoenix Comicon is a great example of how the operations team can create a great customer experience. Being knowledgeable and helpful allows the customer to trust you and provide the ideal service for your event. Take note to see how large events like this had multiple points of contact so sometimes selling is not just a matter of closing the deal with one person. Want to learn more about our other clients? View our work page on our website.

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