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Exhibit Consultant

Skyline Orange County has a rare opening

for an experienced Exhibit Consultant – Robust

Account List Provided . . .


  • Selling

  • Identification and qualification of prospective clients.

  • Perform proactive marketing to prospects and customers to promote all products and services.

  • Work with Marketing Specialist to utilize all available contact methods.

  • Create cost estimates and develop and present proposals

  • Consultation

  • Discover prospect/client issues of challenge.

  • Perform diagnostic analysis to quantify problems and opportunities.

  • Facilitate coordination of resources to assist in discovery and solution development

  • Prepare and present solutions to solve client challenges.

  • Project Management

  • Obtain and organize resources needed to implement client solution.

  • Manage interactive process with clients and resources, setting appointments, facilitating meetings, coordinating previews and initiating installation process.

  • Collaborate with project manager/order entry to create order entry documents needed to ensure flawless execution.

  • Oversee order process through to completion.

  • Operational Responsibilities

  • Provide Service Department with clear and accurate communication to ensure successful project completion.

  • Perform company to client communication throughout entire project.

  • Work hand in hand with Accounting Department to ensure client adherence with terms of sale. Perform collection functions as needed.

  • Obtain approvals of work in process such as art, design and structure.

  • Participate in company provided training and pursue advanced external training.

  • Computer literate with comfort in Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Word),

  • Experience with CRM software and direct marketing.

  • Experience with custom job creation and proposal development software.

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills and must be able to prepare and present proposals to prospects/clients.

  • Organized with strong attention to detail and filing skills and must be able to multi-task and work well in an office environment.

Contact: Location: Lake Forest CA

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