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Updated: Aug 7

Job Description:

Gather & analyze data to estimate the amount of time, and quantity of installers required to complete a project (tradeshow exhibit, permanent installation, point of purchase installations, etc.). Provide realistic estimates to ensure a project is completed on time and within budget.


  • Provide timely labor estimates for tradeshow exhibits

  • Provide timely labor estimates for point of purchase installations

  • Provide timely labor estimates for permanent installations

  • Real time communication with our direct and affiliate city management teams in order to complete these estimates

  • Travel during training and in following up on specific projects


  • Knowledge of the exhibit systems we provide estimates for OR comparable experience in construction and/or project management

  • Ability to effectively present information

  • Ability to solve practical problems and interpret instructions

  • Ability to effectively ask the right questions

  • Ability to read & understand technical drawings & specifications

  • Analyze labor, material, and time requirements for a project

  • Ability to solve practical problems & interpret instructions

  • Input cost data into company database

  • Analytic and math skills

  • Familiar with Excel, Word & Outlook

  • Works well independently

  • Has a passion for details

  • Good interpersonal & written communication skills

  • Ability to work under pressure & meet deadlines

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