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Content Marketing Writer

Remote Position Posted 12/7/2020

What We Value

Do you have a vibrant presence, are full of excitement, eager to learn and grow, and full of dreams to create an amazing experience for our customers? Then you are the type of person that fits into our culture at Endless! We want people who truly live our core values by being themselves. Everyone brings a unique element to our company, so show your uniqueness! At Endless, we are innovative, eager, event-driven professionals who have a higher purpose beyond just collecting a paycheck. Still interested?

Working At Endless

This is a paid position averaging 10-20 hour per week of work. Generally, you will be working when you feel most productive and when work is required. Due to the nature of this position you may be required to work extended hours, holidays, and weekends.

You might be curious, where will I work? You will work in the place in the world that makes you happy, that inspires you daily, and helps you to become the person that you wish to be. You will work with team members scattered around the world and across time zones to build a better culture and service. Want to learn more about working remotely? Do a quick Google search for “remote work”.

Job Summary

Content marketing writers will work with our marketing team to produce the amazing content that brings leads and clients to Endless. You will be writing, editing and designing content that help event planners understand audio-visual and technical production. The events we produce include festivals, corporate events, social events and non-profit events.. This position is responsible for:

  • Writing 10x blog content for our blog which saw over 300,000 unique event planners last year

  • Include multiple types of media (pin boards, videos, infographics, Slideshares) in posts

  • Ensure all blog posts follow Endless content guidelines and requirements

  • Manage incoming guest blog opportunities

  • Become a subject matter expert in technical production and audiovisual services for events

Want to learn more about the job?

As you should know by now, at Endless, we love to learn & grow, so assuming you are excited about this opportunity and want to learn more about what makes someone successful in this position, we recommend the following resources:

  • Read the Hubspot blog to see many of the tactics that we use to attract visitors and turn them into leads

  • Read the book: Epic Content Marketing

  • Read the book: Everybody Writes

  • Get inbound certified to see how we generate leads

  • Take a class on technical meeting and event production (or find blogs & podcasts on the topic)

  • Read our content from our blog and resource library after all they are what will be generating your leads & opportunities

Position Requirements

Let's be honest. When going down this list, if you can't whole-heartedly say "That's me!" to all of these, we recommend you look at other positions within the company first.

  • High school graduate

  • Above-average writing skills and ability to learn from interviews & webinars to translate them into content

  • Passion, excitement, energy, humor, and the ability to convey this through writing

  • Ability to educate and help leads

  • Great organizational skills to manage a growing schedule of content

  • Highly encouraged to be inbound certified through Hubspot

  • Ability to work independently and remotely with little supervision

  • Fast and reliable internet connection & computer

  • Bias towards immediate action and results

  • Willingness and desire to be part of the foundation of a growing company

  • Strong fit with the Endless culture and unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction

Brownie Points

  • Wordpress experience & blog writing experience

  • Experience using Ahrefs

  • Journalism experience

  • Inbound marketing certified

  • Content marketing certified

  • Contextual marketing certified

  • Hubspot Software Certified

  • Experience in events specifically technical event production & audio visual services for events

Benefits Working At Endless

Working for a rapidly growing, culture based company allows each employee the freedom to work and provide creative input to help move Endless to the top event production company in the nation. That alone has been an enticing offer for our staff, allowing each of our members to expand and strengthen their skills and network. Here are just a few more reasons to work at Endless:

  • Work anywhere in the world that you wish

  • Super flexible working hours (autonomous work with daily check-ins)

  • Slack is our central communication tool

  • With a national presence, we offer many travel opportunities to work hands at our events alongside our talented event staff

  • We have been featured in Inc Magazine for our business success and even asked for our professional opinion on the world’s largest events for BizBash. We have been featured in New York Times best-selling author, Dave Kerpen’s book, Likeable Business from our ability to quickly adapt to our customer’s needs and provide the best client experience.

  • Opportunities to attend conferences and workshops for personal and professional growth through the company

  • Culture is a large part of our business, promising each employee a fun and inviting atmosphere

  • Culture contribution along with performance and pay are evaluated constantly, giving everyone control and fast advancement with the company

  • Endless will offer new job opportunities to current staff members before opening to outside applicants

Learn more about our client, Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

View the case study here:

Hyatt Regency is a perfect example of how we used content to attract, convert and close them into a client. Notice how the client trusts us implicitely based on the authority we've created through our client. Want to learn more about our other clients? View our work page on our website.



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