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City Manager

Miami, FL

Job Description:

City Manager directs, coordinates, evaluates the operations of assigned crews and shows, and is fiscally responsible for the management of their city.  The ideal candidate can handle multiple priorities, self-motivated, and have exceptional communication skills.  Additionally, they must be able to work within a high-pressure and demanding schedule.



  • Recruitment and distribution of leadmen and labor

  • Provide workers clear and consistent guidelines

  • Ensure that gang boxes are maintained, and supplies stocked

  • Act as leadman or crew member on booths

  • Manage shows

  • Enforce safety and regulatory policies

  • Communicate consistently and follow the directives of Regional Manager

  • Complete required paperwork, both electronically and hardcopy

  • Provide consistently great customer experiences

  • Exhibit company values and culture

  • Follow and enforce service standards



·         Advanced knowledge of tradeshow industry

·         Ability to lead team

·         Customer service mindset

·         Willingness to ensure high level of client satisfaction

·         Comfortable with technology – tablet, smartphone, apps, and Microsoft Suite

Qualified candidates apply here:


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